TCR Values

The PMB will help you decode the complex issues surrounding American National Security, the Global Markets, and the implications from them on your investment portfolio through thoughtful analysis and curated content. 

PMB readers might be independents, center-left, center-right, or a little left or a little right or both depending on the particular issue. We deeply respect views across the political spectrum.

But we all have one thing in common… Protecting America’s national security and protecting the incredible privilege we have to live under our Constitutional Republic.

We are open and upfront of our bias towards God, freedom, the rule of law, our Constitutional Republic, and practicing civil discourse and citizenship.

But we pride ourselves in independent research and reporting.

We believe it is a civic responsibility to understand that certain countries, organizations, and other various groups use misleading information or even disinformation in order to try and influence our values and how we act and participate in our Constitutional Republic. The goal may be to reduce our freedoms, create hate and discontent among us, and totally fracture our Constitutional Republic, and dismantle America’s leadership as the global beacon of freedom.

We believe the best protection against false information and hostile propaganda is to be critical of the source. Do your homework. Is it factual and objective or opinion based? Understand the aim behind it. And don’t share or retweet blindly without reading content.

Be a “skeptic-in-chief” with all information. Including ours. We’re upfront with our bias. But…

We have a quenchless thirst for reading and try to understand to all the angles, perspectives, strategies, and opinion to give us the deepest understanding of domestic and foreign policy.

We hope you appreciate and value that from us. Probably more than anything else.

We have a relentless desire to achieve financial independence and believe it is one of the most powerful things one can do to build a strategic and competitive advantage in life and business. It is the key to freedom.

We believe the Deep State is really nothing more than a bunch of political appointees and hacks with political agendas. They do not represent the thousands of agents, officers, and government employees who put put aside their politics to serve our country and keep America safe and free regardless of their politics or the political party of the President.

We support our troops, law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency services personnel, medical personnel, and teachers.

We believe America is just getting started and that the 21st Century will be a century for America and allies of democracy and the rule of law. We believe America and our democratic allies are the global beacon for freedom.

We try to understand the biggest threats to democracy and the rule of law. We understand that the biggest threat to our constitutional republic and the rule of law is the expansionist Chinese Communist Party, disinformation tactics from the CCP and Russia to fracture our republic, the CCP influence in pushing a globalist agenda.

We reject globalization without consideration of who our trading partners are and whether they are breaking international free trade rules, disregarding intellectual property rights, or actively engaged in forced technology transfer in order to conduct trade. We reject globalization without considering if it makes us dependent on particular products or resources and in turn makes us strategically vulnerable to the CCP who seek to suppress freedom, democracy, and the rule of law around the world.

We reject globalization without considering its control and financial influence by the CCP who has a complete disregard for territories and sovereign rights of countries in the South China Sea. We reject globalization without considering its influence by big pro-globalist banks and corporations to suppress competition. We reject globalization without considering its influence by pro-CCP big globalist banks and corporations.

We believe patriots across all democratic and freedom loving nations should encourage support for local businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and jobs in their communities, cities, states and nations.

We never blindly follow the herd. We are contrarian investors, and thinkers, and develop investment strategies and portfolios divorced from the emotions of fear and greed.

We study American and world history, financial and economic history, and major stock market events to help us understand the world we live in now and to build wealth that will last for generations.

We understand history may not repeat itself in exact details of previous events. But with out a doubt, we know that it rhymes because humans have been dealing with the same emotions and battles between forces of good and evil and sin since we were put on earth.

We believe that faith, family, and responsible and participatory citizenship are at the center of life.

Civic duty is critical to living a life of freedom. It’s our duty as American citizens to be a good steward of citizenship and to serve and give back to our communities, cities, and country.

We work tremendously hard to learn from our mistakes and strive to get better as a person each and every day.

We believe in the power of giving and that service to others is key to living an abundant life.

And lastly, we try every minute of the day to open our ears to hear God’s voice and to follow his ways so we may grow in the knowledge of his great love and wisdom for our lives.  

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